Which way? Cycling in Berlin

Magarete Caspari

More and more people in Berlin are pedalling every day. The already narrow cycle paths and streets are getting narrower. At numerous construction sites, pedestrians, cyclists and cars share the often confusing paths. Temporary lanes and zebra crossings create abstract works of art.
Since the Berlin Mobility Act passed three years ago, there is now a basis for expanding the cycling infrastructure. „To prevent traffic accidents, we need different framework conditions than before. The Mobility Act creates the basis for safe coexistence on Berlin‘s roads,“ says Eva-Maria Scheel, regional chair of the ADFC Berlin.
But how do things actually look on the cycle paths? During the last few months, many temporary cycle paths have been installed. They are supposed to provide more safety. Such pop-up cycle paths have been created along the Landwehr Canal, for example.
I often cycle through Berlin and always ask myself: Which way? Is the mobility law working, is it getting better for cyclists? I set out on a photographic search for clues.