Islands of time

Tatiana Abarzua

“For life is a river that must flow (let it flow)”
from the song Krieger, Die Fantastischen Vier

Fascinated by the water and the ferries that cross the rivers Havel and Spree, I went along with my bike and camera. Some waterways were new to me. There are very short ferry routes, like the connection between Treptow and Obersch neweide that has existed since 1896. And longer ones, such as along the Müggelspree.
Again and again glimpses of the water surface appear as it shimmers in the summer sun. These crossings are little time-outs for fellow travellers with whom I got into conversation during my photo excursions. They become journeys for restless city dwellers, or for people commuting to work. From the perspective of and their ferrymen and ferrywomen, these small ships are quite pragmatically „the extension of the bus route“. This route completely surrounded by water becomes a personal island — a temporary place outside the hustle and bustle of mobility and day-to-day work.
In the flow of time while the photo series took shape, I realized (for myself ) that the rough corona crisis had left other remnants behind besides a longing for excursions into the green. An inner challenge to explore and feel what is around us.