Unpackaged on the road

Katharina Hohaus

Coffee, lentils, chickpeas: Matti piles jars on the doormat just outside the front door on the third floor. „Check again if everything is there.“
He is doing a voluntary ecological year in a package free shop in Prenzlauer Berg. Since the start of the pandemic, the shop has been running an online shop with a bike delivery service. My photos give a glimpse behind the scenes. Filling goods, checking the route, packing bags and then it goes over the cobblestones to the customers. Their number is manageable, meanwhile Matti knows many of them personally. „I‘m always happy to see them,“ he says.
Having vegan food delivered to your home in reusable jars, emission-free, from a shop that is less than five kilometres away from your home: that sounds like privileged Prenzlauer Berg romance. It also is. Also it is a way to meet current social and ecological challenges.
The report shows different forms of mobility: the concept of the package free shop, which breaks away from the nature of a stationery shop. The goods that make an intermediate step on their way to the end consumer. And last but not least, a delivery man meandering through Berlin‘s streets by bike.