Heroes of the country road

Britta Indorf

There is an endless line of trucks on the motorway and if traffic jams occur, then they take the country roads. The motto of “Just in time” creates stress, with goods properly having to be delivered exactly when needed. (or: The motto „Just in time“ pushes the drivers to be punctual constantly. This creates a stressfull atmosphere.)
For me, truck drivers are true „heroes of the country road„ with a view of the world through the rear-view mirror. They are always short of time, except on Sundays, when the trucks are parked at rest stops far from home.
I am interested in how a truck driver organizes everyday life, in addition to driving. Is the driver‘s cab their „living room“? How do they prepare their food, or do they live from fast food at the petrol station? What is left in terms of social contacts?
„Sunday at noon I leave, heading for Austria, then Denmark and on Saturday I‘m back with my family, for 24 hours, then everyday life starts all over again.“
Or: Berlin-Istanbul, 2,197 kilometres from Istanbul, via Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava, Brno, Prague, to the Columbiadamm in Berlin, plus roads full of potholes, or highway tracks? Or: Far away from home Belarus, meeting friends in Valencia, an informal get-together, driving to Holland (hay transport). Onward journey via Rostock by ship to Klaipėda in Eastern Europe, with scaffolding poles as delivery.
Those are the stories of the road.