Right through the middle of Berlin: the A 100

Björn Hoffmann

Like so many things in Berlin, the A100 motorway is special because it runs in a south-western arc through the middle of the old West Berlin. Planned as a ring motorway in the 1950s, the ring was not closed until today, partly as a result of the German division. Thus attempting to close the Ring an ever increasing crowded city becomes controversial.
There are many ideas on how to deal with the relic of the caroriented city. They range from fundamental protest (“Stop the A100”) and attempts to mitigate the consequences of the motorway (“Put a lid on it”) to the proposal to turn the already built but not yet completed trough of the 16th construction phase into a vegetable farm.
In my photos about the A100, I would like to get closer to the phenomenon of Berlin’s urban motorway by showing residents affected by noise and stench as well as activists and forward thinkers of a creative way of dealing with the construction of the motorway. At the same time, the motorway itself and its own aesthetics will not be neglected.