„Bicycle Race“

René Greffin

4.7 million people live in the metropolitan area of Berlin, which also includes the Brandenburg state capital of Potsdam.
Mobility is necessary and natural for the inhabitants of the metropolitan area with residence, places of work, education and recreation sometimes being far apart. It is subject of constant social discussion and adjustment processes on how one can ensure and enjoy the freedom of mobility.
For decades, cycling has been an important and unquestioned part of Sabine’s movement in her spare time and also for part of her commute, as her work place in Potsdam is located 45 kilometres away from the centre of East Berlin. Sabine never had a car or even a driving licence. Throughout the year 2021, I accompanied her photographically while she was cycling.
In my report, I concentrate on her way to work. Here, movement plays an important role, and I use different photographic techniques to capture it, such as freezing, panning, or long-exposure photography.